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Creating a visionary pitch deck for a fashion leasing e-commerce website including aspects of gamification, to motivate users to change there behaviour regarding fast fashion.


Leasing For Good UG

Tina Spießmacher


2 weeks

Image Selection
Brand Patterns
Visual Design

UI Library
Motion Identity
Presentation Template


Design Lead, Brand, UX, Ul



What was the biggest challenge in this project?

To create a visually appealing and functionally correct pitch deck with almost no brand patterns available.

Unown | Founder


With Unown, Tina and Linda are creating an online fashion leasing service that combines profitability with sustain- ability. To ensure a potentially long life cycle of clothing they only work together with sustainable brands.

Unown stands for a sharing economy, mindful logistics, smart buying, reuse and recycling.

Unown | Sustainability Add with ocean view and model wearing Unown fashion


Unowns criteria for choosing brands are: the use of sustainable, recyclable and animal-friendly materials, a water and energy saving production, fair working conditions and a high material durability as well as a timeless style.

With their company they personally contribute to the circular economy and promote it through mindful consumption. Experts and studies agree: fashion leasing is part of a more sustainable fashion future.

Website Concept

We are proud to present the visual outcome of our joint work: a minimalistic, photo centered website with lovely interface animations and micro interactions connecting the five core functions: explore, lease, manage, challenge and dashboard. Aspects of gamification were integrated to motivate users to change their consum behaviour.

Unown | App screens

Explore & Lease

The core feature lets you explore the current fair fashion and the dynamic leasing price system.

Unown | App screens


You can get reminded about your lease by notification and take your next action easily by chat (extend, buy, return). Intelligent suggestions for your answers are provided which will save you a lot of time.

Unown | App screens


A second way to manage your lease is via virtual wardrobe in which you can see your leasing history, your reservations and your current leases.

Unown | App screens


This is the first taste of the upcoming impact feature which will be the central customer loyalty tool. The feature helps the user through challenges to slowly change consume behaviour. Both Individual and community challenges and statistics are provided.

Unown | App screens


To complete each challenge the user gets individual and community points which can be used to lower leasing cost or provide a discount for the next lease. One challenge might be about getting rid of unused pieces in your wardrobe. Another one a quiz about sustainable materials. Both individual and community points are visible for all users so users can challenge each other to reach the next level.

Leasing Options

Three different leasing options are provided.

Unown | Women harvesting wool

Presentation Template

The website is embedded in a custom made presentation template emphasising the sustainable values of the company by adding natural materials as decoration elements. The presentation is made to advertise the future development of Unown which are displayed above in detail.

How did you acquired this project?

A friend connected Tina from unown with me because of common interests like sustainable living and tiny houses. One day when Tina was in need of a digital product designer she called me.

Client Website

Get to know more about Unown on their website.

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